About Us

Who we are?

Cool institute is a company dedicated to teaching languages in a fun way. Being our focus and main objective teaching English. To carry out the teaching processes, we apply the most innovative strategies, in order to ensure that our students learn fluently.

Our first focus is the flexibility of our teaching services, we adapt to the needs of the Coolstudent (name that we have coined for the users of our program), We also care that the learning of our users is significant, offering dynamic practices, tools didactics appropriate to the topics we deal with, personalized advice, instructions, among others.

Within our Programs, we have the facility that our cool students can take classes from anywhere in the world, since we are focused on teaching through virtual platforms, therefore one of the requirements to be part of our training programs requires an electronic equipment, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or computer, to be able to get access to meetings. At the moment, we offer basic, intermediate and advanced English classes. Depending on the competencies that our students show, if they want to apply for the second and third programs mentioned, they will be evaluated by one of our Coolteachers to verify if they can start in an intermediate or advanced course.


Provide quality language teaching with the support of technological resources with integrity, respect, professionalism, but above all with care.


To become a language institute that crosses the various borders of the world, bringing language teaching to Latin American and / or Anglo-Saxon countries.

Our Values

These are our values

Passion for what we do

We are motivated to teach, it is our north and we seek to carry it out with all possible love, dedication and care.


We encourage the growth and learning of our cool students in order to ensure that they develop the necessary skills so that their learning is more complete so that they can function in the best way when something is difficult for them, because we not only teach languages We also work on individual values ​​and competencies of each one.


Our dedication and effort have as main purpose to fulfill the expectations that our clients suggest.


making our cool students promote responsibility is one of our priorities, and that is why we transmit the desire to recognize and accept how positive and productive it is to learn another language. We carry it out with the support of teachers with a high level of knowledge, commitment and, above all, professionalism.

Integrity and Transparency

We try that all the processes that we carry out are based on what is established based on educational terms and with the protocols required for this type of educational environment.

Customer orientation

We seek above all to satisfy and respond to customer needs, with the purpose that our service is pleasing to all who consume it.

Our Skilled Instructors


What Our Students Say